Global Covid Caseload Reaches 262.14 Mn

Washington, Nov 30, : According to Johns Hopkins University, the global coronavirus caseload has surpassed 262.14 millions.The deaths have risen to more than 5.20million and vaccinations to more 7.95 billion.
The University’s Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE), updated its status on Tuesday morning to reveal that the current global death toll and caseload stood at 262,143 965 and 5,207,160, respectively.The total number of vaccine doses was 7,957.017,514.

 Global Covid Caseload Reaches 262.14

According to the CSSE, the USA continues to be the country most affected by the greatest number of deaths and cases, with 48,438,063 in the US and 778,701 in the UK.

India is the second-most affected country in terms of cases (34,580.832 infections and 468.790 deaths), followed closely by Brazil (22.284.749 infections & 614.376 deaths).

The CSSE figures revealed that the UK (10,245,244) and Russia (9,436,650) are the worst countries with more than 5 million cases.

Turkey (8,772,342) and France (7,731,351) were the other worst.

Mexico (293,897) Russia (268.705) Peru (201,158), the UK (1145,253), Indonesia (133,739) Iran (129.711) Colombia (128,473) France (119.997) and Argentina (116.554) are some of the countries with a death rate exceeding 100,000.

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