Girl Detained For Doing Bike Stunts On Patna\'s \'marine Drive\'

Girl detained for doing bike stunts on Patna’s ‘Marine Drive’

Patna, July 16 : A minor girl has been detained for doing stunts on bike on Ganga Path/Marine drive, a police official said on Sunday.

Patna police also imposed Rs 30,000 fine under the Motor Vehicle Act and also cancelled the registration of the bike for one year.

The minor girl was doing a stunt on the Marine Drive a few days ago and also uploaded the video on social media account named “Hunter Girl” on Instagram.

As per the uploaded video, she was riding the bike at high speed without holding the handle, standing up on the bike, and waving a pistol.

Following this video, SP, City, Vaibhav Kumar took the cognisance of the matter and police managed to zero in the minor girl.The gun which she was waving was actually found to be a lighter.

After being detained, the minor girl regretted her act.“I did the stunt on Marine Drive a few days ago and also uploaded it on social media.It was a dangerous act which not only could have turned fatal for me but also to others.I will not repeat such an act in future,” the girl said.



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