Gas And Acidity? What To Eat And Avoid? Which Tablet To Use?  

Gas And Acidity? What To Eat And Avoid? Which Tablet To Use? -

Gas, acidity is a common problem for most of Indians since the diet includes many acidic foods.We are very much habituated to spicy foods, too much of masala, pickles, fried items, fired non-veg, oily foods and so on.With our diet being messy, gas and acidity are almost unavoidable.Now and then, we all go through these uncomfortable circumstances in the stomach.

Since gas or acidity are not so big issues, not every time we can visit a doctor.Self-treatment will also serve us.But what to eat? What kind of medication should we take?

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Foods to avoid :

* Citrus fruits

* Alcohol

* Chocolate and bakery food.

* Garlic, peppermint and onion.

* Milk, Sodas and carbohydrates beverages.

* Tomato, Cauliflower and Cabbage.

What to eat :

* Electrolytes drinks (coconut water and buttermilk).

* Aloe Vera and Ginger

* Banana, Water Melon, muskmelon, fennel

* Non roasted chicken and seafood.

* Celery and parsley

* Oatmeal

Medication :

* Take Pan 40 mg tablet.It tears stomach ulcers, acidity, heartburn and gas.

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