Gandhi Hospital Turned Out Into A Full-fledged Covid Center !!

With a large-scale corona case being reported in the state and the possibility of further increase, the government has decided to convert the Gandhi Hospital in Hyderabad back into a full-fledged Covid Hospital.It announced that it is discontinuing outpatient, inpatient services, and surgeries from Saturday.

 Gandhi Hospital Turned Out Into A Full-fledged Covid Center !!

Ordinary patients who are already being treated in various departments of the hospital are being discharged.Those injured in road accidents and other incidents are being referred to other hospitals for treatment in the emergency department.

It is known that Gandhi Hospital functioned as a full-fledged Covid Center from March to December last year.As the corona cases declined, at the request of medical students, General OP, inpatient services have been brought back since January.

 Gandhi Hospital Turned Out Into A Full-fledged Covid Center -Latest News English-Telugu Tollywood Photo

However, with the increase in corona cases for the last few days, the hospital management has increased the number of Covid beds again.Recently, the Gandhi hospital management re-declared it as a full-fledged Covid Center.

It has become a matter of concern that 152 corona patients were admitted to Gandhi Hospital in a single day.

Currently, the Gandhi hospital has 400 ventilators and 1,250 beds.Hospital officials decided to set up an additional 300 beds in the OP department and library buildings if the number of patients increases further.At present, 462 Kovid patients and 923 non-Kovid patients are being treated in Gandhi hospital.

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