Fuel Price Hike: UP Lawyer Wants To Ride Horse To Work

Varanasi, March 2 : In an interesting incident, a lawyer in Varanasi has sought admission in the Horse riding training school being run by the mounted police unit.

 Fuel Price Hike: Up Lawyer Wants To Ride Horse To Work-TeluguStop.com

In his application to the Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP), the lawyer Dr.Harish Chandra Maurya said that he has to cover a distance of around 20 kilometres to come to the court from his residence in the Sindhora area.

Owing to the increased price of petrol, he said he wants to buy a Horse.

He has urged the SSP to allow him to train for Horse riding at the police lines.

“I have submitted my application to the SSP office, and I am waiting for a response,” Maurya told reporters.

The Horse-riding school, run by the traffic police, gives a 15-day training against a prescribed fee.

“Any enthusiast above 10 years of age can apply and get training by the mounted police,” said the sub-inspector and in-charge of mounted police unit Ram Kumar