Four Nigerians Will Be Deported With Expired Visas.

New Delhi, Nov 30, : Delhi Police has apprehended four additional foreign nationals illegally residing in India, according to an official.
According to the official, 4 Africans were found in the Uttam Nagar area by a Dwarka police team.

 Four Nigerians Will Be Deported With Expired

The foreigners identified as Alex Oseh and Frank Fred Emefiele, Bright Odor and Chidi Basil Odor are all native Nigerians.

“After verifying their credentials, it was determined that they were overstaying India without a valid visa,” the official stated.

They were unable to provide any reason or supporting document for their overstay in India so they were brought before the Foreigners Regional Registration Officers.Their deportation was ordered by the FRRO.

All four African nationals have been detained at Lampur Border while they wait.

Notably, Dwarka’s district police recently launched Operation Varchasva in their mission to make Dwarka crime-free.

In a short time, many gangsters, snatchers and robbers were arrested.

The police also keep an eye on foreigners who are illegally staying in the area.

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