First Flood Warning At Dowleswaram Barrage Withdrawn!!

The water level in the irrigation projects increased due to the continuous rains in both Telugu states.However, as the rains subsided, there was a notable decline in the water level in the dams and reservoirs.

 First Flood Warning At Dowleswaram Barrage Withdrawn!!

For the last few days, the inflow into the Dhawaleswaram Barrage was 9,09,385 cusecs.Due to the low pressure in the Bay of Bengal, heavy rains in Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, Telangana, Odisha and Godavari districts resulted in an overflow of River Godavari and its tributaries.

However, authorities issued the first emergency flood alert on Friday to people living in the Godavari basin.The floodwater flow in the Godavari has receded since Saturday morning.

 First Flood Warning At Dowleswaram Barrage Withdrawn-Latest News - Telugu-Telugu Tollywood Photo

In this context, the officials have withdrawn the first emergency alert at Bhadrachalam and Dovaleswaram.

The floodwater flow in River Tungabhadra continues to be steady.The water level rose to 880.1 feet as 45,000 cusecs flowed into the Srisailam project.

Thirty-two agency villages in the Yelamanchili zone and 19 agency villages in the Polavaram zone were affected by the floods.As a precautionary measure, authorities evacuated 2,600 families to rehabilitation centres in the wake of the increasing floodwater level.

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