Finch Advocates Bold Changes For Bbl\'s Future

Finch advocates bold changes for BBL’s future

New Delhi, Jan 23 : Former Australia captain Aaron Finch has proposed radical ideas for the Big Bash League (BBL), suggesting potential relocations and the abandonment of the overseas draft.

 Finch Advocates Bold Changes For Bbl's

Finch, who recently retired from professional cricket, shared his vision for the BBL in an interview with ESPN’s Around The Wicket.

He recommended relocating Sydney Thunder to Canberra and Melbourne Renegades to Geelong, believing this move could expand the fan base.However, this proposition challenges the tradition of the four highly anticipated derby matches each season.

Expressing concerns about the talent pool, Finch explained, “I think we’re already a bit thin at the moment with the talent pool to get another side in.” While Canberra has expressed interest in hosting a new BBL team, Finch fears spreading players too thinly across additional franchises.Another significant aspect of Finch’s vision is scrapping the overseas draft to allow clubs to sign players directly.This suggestion comes in response to the challenge of losing key players to other leagues due to prior commitments, as witnessed in the latest BBL season.

“The draft needs to go,” Finch declared, emphasizing the need for timely player signings to prevent clashes with other league commitments.This proposal aims to address the issue of BBL teams losing players to international leagues, disrupting team dynamics and affecting the quality of the competition.

Additionally, Finch raised concerns about the duration of the BBL season, suggesting it might be deterring top international players.He recommended shortening the tournament to make it more attractive for players who could opt for more lucrative opportunities in other leagues around the world.



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