Samyukt Kisan Mocha Celebrates One Year With Farmers’ Gatherings In India

New Delhi, Nov 26th : A series of rallies, marches and chakka jams were held across the country to mark the one year anniversary of the farmers’ agitation, which prompted the government in India to withdraw three contentious farm bills.
Not only did the protests in solidarity with trade unions include organisations of students, youth, women, and other unions that came together to support the farmers.

 Samyukt Kisan Mocha Celebrates One Year With Farmers’ Gatherings In

However, many international organisations also supported the movement by holding events in India, according to a release from Samyukt Kisan Morcha.

SKM is the group of 40 farmers’ organizations that led the farmers’ agitation after the Parliament passed the three laws bitterly opposed by Farmers last year.

“Our struggle for one year ends on November 26, 2021.This day marks 12 months of farmers’ struggle.

There were many victories that seemed impossible or even impossible but they were made possible by a will to fight for the unfulfilled demands.The farm movement is a testament to the will of the people to fight against an unrelenting state and will be remembered for many years as an example peaceful satyagraha, inspired by Mahatma Gandhi’s Indian freedom movement.”

“The day was marked by programmes at the Delhi morchas and state capitals as well as the district headquarters.It stated that various trade unions, youth and student organisations, women’s organizations, civil society organisations and other unions joined forces to support the nation’s Annadatas.

Lakhs upon lakhs of Farmers came together to support the farm movement at programs held in various states, including Karnataka and West Bengal, Bihar and Chhattisgarh.

It said that many international organizations supported the movement and offered their solidarity.”India’s Farmers are an inspiration to the world through their resilience.They have shown us how a united struggle between the working class, the peasantry and the working class can overcome all adversities.

This protest has formed alliances with workers unions, other social movements, and sent inspiring messages of solidarity and communal harmony to rural societies,” stated the letter of support from La Via Campesina, an international farmer’s organization.

Over two dozen international organizations also supported the farm movement.

Farmers celebrated their victory with the announcement by the Prime Minister that the anti-farmer laws would be repealed.However, they also raised the still-pending demands for the farm movement.

In a letter to the Prime Minister on November 21, the SKM had six demands: legal guarantee of MSP for all produce that is C2+50% formula; withdrawal from the draft Electricity Amendment Bill 2020/2021; removal penal provisions on Farmers in Commission for Air Quality Management within the National Capital Region Act 2021; withdrawal false cases against Farmers during the movement’s dismissal and arrest by Minister of State Ajay Mishrateni; compensation and rehabilitation for the families of the victims of the farm movement, and allocation of land for a memorial at Singhu Morcha, the release stated

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