‘expendables 4’ Director Scott Waugh Was Andy Garcia’s Stunt Double, Actor Reveals

‘Expendables 4’ director Scott Waugh was Andy Garcia’s stunt double, actor reveals

Mumbai, Sep 16 : Actor Andy Garcia, who is gearing up for his upcoming release ‘Expendables 4’, has shared an interesting anecdote that he has known the director of the film, Scott Waugh for close to 3 decades as Scott was his stunt double at one point.

 ‘expendables 4’ Director Scott Waugh Was Andy Garcia’s Stunt Double, Actor-TeluguStop.com

The actor also shared the name of the film on which they worked together, ‘Desperate Measures’.

Talking about the same, Andy who plays Marsh, CIA Operative in ‘Expendables 4’, said: “Scott has been great, it is always good when you have a director that comes in and he knows what he wants.He is like a field general, you need to have someone who knows exactly what he wants.

And within the fact that they are in control, there is also freedom to play, and to experiment with different ideas and he is comfortable with those experiments and implementations, which is great.”

He further mentioned: “I think it’s important for the genre, because sometimes you find magic on the day that has not even been written, and you have to have the security to say that, that’s working well, try that some more, let’s do another take like that.I got on with Scott very well, because in the 90s we did a movie together called Desperate Measures, and Scott was my Stunt Double, he was my Stunt Double, so that is where we first met.”

“And now he is directing this film, he has always been a very talented man, even in those days, then he was directing 2nd Unit, then he started directing his own movies.He has been a blessing for this movie, and I think all the Producers, including Avi would attest to that.It was a blessing that he came on board”, the actor added.

‘Expendables 4’ is all set to release in theatres on September 22.



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