After Resumption Nuclear Talks, Iran, Russia And EU Are Optimistic

Vienna, Nov 30, : , Diplomats from Iran, Russia, and the EU expressed optimism at a new round of Iran Nuclear negotiations.This was after a hiatus lasting more than five months.
Enrique Mora (Deputy Secretary General of European External Action Service), who presided over the meeting, said, “I feel extremely Optimistic about what I have witnessed today.”

 After Resumption Nuclear Talks, Iran, Russia And Eu Are

Mora stated that there is “clearly a desire” from the Iranian delegation to bring back the JCPOA, referring to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), which inked the 2015 Iran Nuclear agreement, Xinhua news agency reported.

Mikhail Ulyanov (Russia’s Permanent Representative to international organizations in Vienna) stated on Twitter that participants had agreed to take further steps during the seventh round, which began “quite successfully”.

Ali Bagheri Kani, Iran’s top negotiator, expressed optimism after the talks.

It remains to be seen if such optimism can translate into real results.On Monday, diplomats from China and Russia, France, Germany, Russia, the UK and France met at the Palais Coburg to discuss ways to revive the 2015 agreement.

Hossein Amir Abdollahian, Iran’s Foreign Minister, stated Friday that Iran is serious about the upcoming talks and wants to reach a “good and verifiable” agreement.

“If the other parties are willing to fulfill their obligations and lift sanctions, a good and even urgent agreement can be reached.”
“Amir Abdollahian said that they were reached in a telephone conversation with Josep Borrell, EU Foreign Affairs Chief.

The last round of negotiations for the restoration of the 2015 agreement was held in June 2021.

Donald Trump’s US government withdrew from 2015 agreement in May 2018, and unilaterally reimposed sanctions against Iran.Iran has been gradually withdrawing from certain parts of the deal’s commitments since May 2019 in response.

The Iran’s new negotiation team has made demands for the revival and verification of the Nuclear agreement.This includes the lifting of all US sanctions and a verification mechanism for the withdrawal of embargo.

Also, the US must guarantee that any future administrations will not violate the deal.

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