EU Coalition Condemns Microsoft OneDrive-Windows Integration

San Francisco, Nov 27, : Nextcloud, a major coalition of European Union software and cloud organizations, has filed a formal complaint to the European Commission (EC), about Microsoft’s anticompetitive behavior, particularly the OneDrive Cloud integration and Windows integration.
Nextcloud and nearly 30 other European companies were accused of requiring consumers to sign up for Microsoft’s services and creating an unfair barrier to other companies offering comparable services.

 Eu Coalition Condemns Microsoft Onedrive-windows

ZDNet reports that Nextcloud and almost thirty other European companies filed the complaint.

“This is very similar to what Microsoft did when they killed the competition in browser market, stopping almost all browser innovations for more than a decade,” Frank Karlitschek (Nextloud CEO and Founder) said.

“Together, with the other members in the coalition, we are asking European antitrust authorities to enforce a level playing ground, giving customers a choice and giving competition a fair chance,” he stated in a statement.

Microsoft had not yet responded to Nextcloud’s formal complaint.

Nextcloud claimed that the tech giant “outright blocked” other cloud service vendors by using its position of gatekeeper to expand its reach in neighbouring countries and push users deeper into its ecosystems.

Slack, an enterprise communication platform, has also filed an EU antitrust complaint against Microsoft regarding Microsoft’s integration of Teams with Office.

Nextcloud has asked the Directorate-General for Competition of the European Commission to stop this type of abusive behavior and keep the market fair and competitive for all players.

The report stated that Nextcloud had also requested an investigation into Microsoft from the Bundeskartellamt (German antitrust authorities).

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