As Cases Increase, Educational Institutions Around SDM College Dharwad Are Closing

Dharawad (Karnataka), Nov 27, : As more students at the SDM Medical College test positive for Covid-19 the district administration declared holidays for all Educational institutions located within 500 meters of the college.
After Friday’s cases rose to 182, an alert was raised.

 As Cases Increase, Educational Institutions Around Sdm College Dharwad Are

The college is awaiting the test results for 2,500 students and staff.

Thursday morning, 66 of them had tested positive.

The second phase of tests confirmed that 116 others were infected.

Nitesh Patil, District Commissioner, stated that there was a function in the auditorium on November 17th where a marriage ceremony was also held.

On November 25, another function was held there.All attendees were asked to take Covid-19 test.

He explained that students from all 50 states are represented at the college and advised parents of 182 medical students to have their blood tested if they met their wards last week.

“We will have a clear picture of the Covid situation by Saturday.

He said that the samples are being tested at DIMHANS and KIMS labs as well as SDM labs.

Sources at the college claim that the students contracted the disease after they attended a function in the auditorium on November 17.The event was attended by about 200 students and a few parents.

They said that all the affected medical students have been fully vaccinated.

There have been no reports of infection outside the college campus or in the surrounding areas.The district commissioner appealed to people to get tested at the nearest Primary Health Centre in case they develop any symptoms.He said, “Everyone should take precautions.Follow the Covid guidelines.”

Two hostels located on the premises were sealed.Infected students are being treated in their hostel rooms.

All movements are restricted and all measures taken to prevent the spread of infection are being taken.

The district administration is closely monitoring the events at the auditorium since they have witnessed three events, including one marriage function.

Two days ago, 34 students at an international boarding school in Bengaluru were found to be positive.The government and the health department repeatedly appeal to people to not neglect social distancing or use masks in public places.

32 students from Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, a residential school in Galibeedu village, near Madikeri, tested positive for Covid in Kodagu District of Karnataka bordering Kerala, during the last week of Oct

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