ECB Announces Action Plan To Combat Racism

London, November 27 : , The England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB), on Friday presented a 12-point plan to Combat Racism and promote inclusion and diverse at all levels of the game.
The Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Action Plan (EDI), was jointly developed by the ECB, Marylebone Cricket Club, (MCC), and counties, and focuses on ‘dressing room culture and ‘creating welcoming environment for all’, among other important issues.

 Ecb Announces Action Plan To Combat

After Azeem Rafiq’s testimony at a parliamentary hearing in which he claimed that he lost his career due to institutional Racism within Yorkshire county, the initiative was taken.Rafiq was not the only cricketer to confess to racial abuse at club level.

“For Cricket to truly ‘connect communities, improve lives’ — our stated goal at the ECB — it must begin by acknowledging that not enough has been done to improve our game both within our own walls and outside the game.This is the only way to respond to the powerful testimony of Azeem Rahiq and others in the recent weeks,” stated Tom Harrison, Chief Executive Officer of the ECB.

“I am thrilled that this plan represents the entire game coming together to commit tangible action and meaningful changes.As the ECB, our role will be to acknowledge and provide support, resource and funding to the game to make these changes.

He said that he looked forward to working with all of our partners to make Cricket a stronger and more inclusive game and to restore the trust of all who love it.

The plan will encourage a standardised approach to reporting, investigating and responding to complaints, allegations and whistleblowing across cricket.It also includes training for all those involved in the game, including volunteers, coaches, umpires, directors and staff.

In addition, there will be efforts to “aid progress” South Asian, Black and less privileged youth into professional teams.

Before the 2022 season, a full-scale review will be conducted of all the efforts.

The ECB has pledged to GBP 25,000,000 of strategic funding over five-years to support their EDI activities and the formation a new anti discrimination unit – within six month – to ensure that the board has the “right resources and capabilities to help Combat discrimination in all forms and provide guidance for the wider game.”

“This is a crucial moment for cricket.”This is a critical moment for Cricket,” stated Barry O’Brien (ECB Interim Chair).

“While we recognize that urgent change is needed, we also recognize that long-term improvements and continued action will be necessary if we want to be the most welcoming and diverse sports in the country.He said that we must start today and that we will be accountable for every step.

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