Dull Celebrations As Indian Expats Mark Their New Year In UAE

Dubai, April 14 : The Indian expatriate communities from various states across the country, are celebrating their traditional New Years, albeit, on a low-key.

 Dull Celebrations As Indian Expats Mark Their New Year In Uae-TeluguStop.com

Malayalees, Tamilians, Odias and Assamese ring in Puthandu, Vishu, Pana Sankranti and Bohag Bihu on April 14, while Telugus, Kannadigas, Maharashtrians, Sikhs and Kashmiris celebrate Ugadi, Gudi Padwa, Baisakhi and Navreh on April 13.

The traditional New Years are coinciding with the second and third days of the holy month of Ramadan in the UAE, making it an auspicious time for believers across the country, Khaleej times reported.

Retail outlets, flower vendors and restaurants have reported a flood of enquiries for food and religious paraphernalia from Indian families across all the country, Khaleej Times has learnt.

V.Nandakumar, Director of Marketing and Communications at Lulu Group International, said: “This year, all festivities started on the same day.Also, since it’s the first few days of Ramadan, we’re witnessing high footfalls in our stores.”

Restaurant owners are viewing this time as an opportunity to turn their businesses around after the Covid-19-induced slump last year