Manpreet Singh Says That It Is Important To Do Well In Dhaka In Preparation For The Busy Season In 2022.

Bhubaneswar : , November 27, 2012 – India’s men’s hockey team is gearing up for the Asian Champions Trophy which will begin on December 14th.Vice-captain HarManpreet and captain Manpreet Singh expressed confidence in the team’s chances in Dhaka, where they will defend their title.
“We are in good shape for the Asian Champions Trophy.We are focusing our efforts on our fitness.Our fitness levels dropped after the Olympics.We are now trying to regain that.

 Manpreet Singh Says That It Is Important To Do Well In Dhaka In Preparation For The Busy Season In

During a virtual press conference, skipper Manpreet Sing stated that everyone is giving their 100 percent.

Manpreet stated that this is a great opportunity for young players to show their skills ahead of next year’s busy season.

“Some of these young people have waited patiently for their chance and have worked hard to get a spot in the team.He said that he believes this tournament is a great way to test these players, and it’s also an opportunity for young people who have been given the chance to showcase their talents.”

The Indian skipper addressed the team’s prospects and the challenges they can expect in Dhaka.”The tournament is very Important for us because it is our first major tournament since the Tokyo Olympics.We have begun a new cycle.It is Important that we do well in Dhaka.If we start well, our confidence levels will rise.In 2022, there are many major tournaments.He said that our goal is to prepare our bodies and minds for them.”

HarManpreet Singh will be returning to Dhaka following their 2017 win in the Asia Cup.He also reflected on their ongoing preparations.He also gave some insight on the India Colts’ performance in the ongoing FIH ODHa Hockey Men’s Junior World Cup 2021 which the Senior team closely follows.

“While we are preparing for the Asian Champions Trophy here at Bhubaneswar we have also been closely watching the performance of the Indian Junior team and they have done well.I have had some conversations with the defenders, especially after they won their first match.

Because it is difficult for opponents to predict which variations they will use, having four options for drag flick is a huge advantage for the young India side.

He said, “I think they should continue to play with confidence and communicate well with one another, and also play as a unit, so they can finish on the podium.”

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