Disadvantages Of Over Eating Meat  

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Most of the human beings are meat obsessed.Aren’t we ? Yeah we do have both herbivorous and carnivorous teeth to eat both vegetable and also animals but that doesn’t mean we can over eat any of these.There should be a right balance and also right limit for everything.Meat provide good proteins.

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But too protein is not really good for your health.See why over eating of meat isn’t a right choice of diet.

* Not in every animal we eat but compound called carnitine in red meat can cause atherosclerosis.This is a condition where the hardening or clogging of the arteries happens.

* Yeah, taking protein is highly essential for a human body.But taking fat along with protein is not.On an average, a human body requires eight grams of protein per 20 pounds of body weight everyday.Plant sources can also give you this amount of protein.

Although you can choose meat for protein, you would miss the vitamins and minerals plant proteins provide.Besides, there is a problem of taking fat in.

* Over eating protein may harm your health in many ways.It can inject more fat into you and it can pave a way to obesity.

* Too much meat protein can also stress your kidneys as your kidneys have to filter more nitrogen waste products.

* A dead shocker fact, overeating of meat can cause cancer.

Too much protein encourages cancer cells growth in your body.

* Too much protein can cause dehydration at regular intervals and also decrease bone minerals.

* With passage of time, a human body cannot digest proteins as it used to.So, it’s better to minimise the meat intake as you age.

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