Did A Cat Let Kerala’s Tusker Run Wild?

Thiruvananthapuram : , Friday 26 November 2006: Panic reigned for three hours near Kerala’s Kottarakara as the male Tusker Manikandan ran uncontrolled for six kilometers, officials stated.
Sources claim that a cat scared the elephant and he was brought to participate in a temple festival near Kottarakara (about 70 km from Thiruvanthapuram).

 Did A Cat Let Kerala’s Tusker Run Wild?-TeluguStop.com

Others claimed that the trouble started when the jumbo was being used for a quick bath, and the mahouts lost their control and it moved to the main road.

The police arrived and a large crowd of people gathered to watch the elephant.

It began to walk along the main road for approximately 6 kms but did not cause any harm.

A group of Forest Department experts was called to help.

Although they were prepared to give a tranquiliser shot, they were not required as the mahouts and officials managed to control Manikandan.Soon, the animal was tied to a chain and everyone breathed a sigh.

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