In 2021, Delhi Has More Good Air Quality Days Than 2018, Experts Credit Rain

New Delhi, Nov 26, 2018 : According to a Delhi Department of Environment report, the number of “good”, “satisfactory”, and “moderate” days of air Quality increased from 159 in 2018, to 198 by November 23, 2021.
“Good, satisfactory, and moderate days increased from 159 to 182 in 2018, 227 in 2020, 198 in 2021.

 In 2021, Delhi Has More Good Air Quality Days Than 2018, Experts Credit

The report states that ‘Poor’ and’very poor’ combined decreased from 206 in 2018, to 183 in 2019, 139 in 2020, and 129 in 2021.

According to the report, IIT Kanpur conducted the source apportionment study of NCT of Delhi in 2016 and The Energy Research Institute in 2018.

Source apportionment of ambient particle matter in winter season in Delhi (IIT Madras in 2018) and Carrying capacity of Air Environment (NCT Delhi) (School of Planning and Architecture in 2020) were also conducted.On October 22, a consortium led by IIT Kanpur was signed an agreement to execute a study on Real Time Source Appportionment Study in Delhi.

These hotspots were also identified based upon higher levels of PM2.5 and PM10.

Gopal Rai, Delhi Environment Minister, has repeatedly stressed that most of Delhi’s air pollution is caused by stubble burning in neighbouring states like Haryana and Punjab.Delhi’s own sources are either very small or very limited.

Mukesh Khare, an IIT Delhi expert and former member of the now-dissolved Environment Pollution (Prevention and Control Authority), told IANS that the only reason the air Quality hasn’t deteriorated as much is because of the prolonged rainfall season, which lasted until October this year.

He said that there are still 50 days to improve the air Quality in the capital and surrounding areas.


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