Delhi Police Asi Foils Snatching Bid, Video Goes Viral On Social Media

Delhi Police ASI foils snatching bid, video goes viral on social media

New Delhi, Sep 26 : In a swift response, an Assistant Sub Inspector (ASI) prevented a snatching attempt in the vicinity of Delhi’s Model Town area, an official said on Tuesday.

 Delhi Police Asi Foils Snatching Bid, Video Goes Viral On Social

Taking to X, formerly known as Twitter, the Delhi Police shared a video and praised ASI Ajay Jha, posted at the communication department of the force, for his courageous intervention.

“ASI Ajay Jha, posted in Delhi Police Communication, displayed wisdom and bravery and stopped the snatchers who were running away on a scooter in Model Town market by kicking them and foiling the snatching.#DelhiPolice is proud of you,” the Delhi Police said in a post on the microblogging site.

The 39 seconds CCTV footage, which captured the entire episode, also went viral on social media while the Delhi police post had over 37,000 views of the video.

“On the evening of September 24, around 5:10 p.m., ASI Jha happened to be in Model Town market for official duties when he suddenly heard distressed voices.He noticed two individuals attempting to escape on a scooter.Understanding the gravity of the situation, he immediately sprinted toward the road and took decisive action by kicking the scooter.During this act of courage, as he kicked the moving vehicle with the alleged individuals on it, he fell to the ground and sustained a hand fracture,” the Delhi Police said.

“His unexpected intervention caused the snatchers to lose control of their two-wheeler, resulting in their fall on the ground.Nearby bystanders swiftly came to the rescue, overpowering the alleged perpetrators and successfully recovering the snatched purse,” it added.



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