Concerns That Terrorists Might Get Pak N-weapons From Dawood Ibrahim’s Nexus Have Been Raised By Dawood Ibrahim.

By Sanjeev Sharma New Delhi, Nov 27, : The Nexus of Dawood Ibrahim, fugitive gangster, and terrorist organizations and the black market in nuclear arms for Pakistan’s nuclear scientist AQ Khan became the focus of concern during the US Senate hearings in 2009.

 Concerns That Terrorists Might Get Pak N-weapons From Dawood Ibrahim’s Nexus Have Been Raised By Dawood

Senator John McCain asked during the hearings on the lessons of the Mumbai attacks for America what the danger was that terrorist organizations within Pakistan could be able to acquire the nuclear weapons we all know Pakistan has.

A counterterrorism expert responded: “I believe it is a real worry.We receive regular assurances from Pakistani authorities that the nuclear weapons are under tight control.But one still worries.

“When we look at Pakistan’s Nexus between Dawood Ibrahim, a member of organized crime, and terrorist organizations we see the black markets that were created to finance Pakistan’s nuclear program through A.Q.Khan, I mean, these are a set of links between organized crime and government authorities and terrorist organizations that raises the specter of large-scale financing and real Concerns if the move to weapons of mass destruction.” he said.

He said that he didn’t want to exaggerate terrorist threats because he still believes that terrorists get a lot out of doing low-tech tasks without trying to do more difficult ones.

The Mumbai attack, as I mentioned earlier, was an example of basically small unit infantry tactics that paralyzed 20 million people for the better half of three days.

Experts said that Pakistan’s response to terrorist attacks was inadequate.

They also noted that the authority of the civilian elected government over the intelligence and military services of Pakistan is limited.

“So we can keep pressing them, and we should, however, I think we must accept that this will be a long-term diplomat slog before it is possible to enlist Pakistan as fully cooperating against terrorism.” he said.

“And, by and large, the problem didn’t start with this government or the previous government.

Experts added that the National Commission on Terrorism recognized in 1999 and 2000 that Pakistan wasn’t fully cooperating with terrorists.

Experts said that Pakistan has been somewhat schizophrenic in its refusal to cooperate with the Pakistani military or government.

It has attempted to make deals in these troubled areas and negotiate ceasefires.It hasn’t succeeded.

Sometimes it has entered with military force and its own forces have not fared well.We can do more with military assistance to build new relationships and long-term capabilities.Experts said that while we have invested billions of dollars in this, it is still slow-moving.”

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