Covid Must Be Passed At Gujarat Airports To Allow Int’l Arrivals

Gandhinagar : , Nov 27, 2007 – In light of the new risk posed by Omicron, the Gujarat government made it mandatory that all foreign travellers arrive in Gujarat to undergo RTPCR testing at its airports.Officials said.
The state government also issued new travel guidelines to help fliers arriving from more than 40 countries to the airports of Gujarat.

 Covid Must Be Passed At Gujarat Airports To Allow Int’l

For all fliers from Europe, UK and South Africa, Botswana (Boswana), China, Mauritius (New Zealand), Zimbabwe, South Africa, Bangladesh, Botswana and China, RT-PCR testing has been mandatory.

If they have not been fully vaccinated, travellers from countries that are ‘at-risk’ by the Union Health Ministry must undergo RTPCR testing.

The Union Health Ministry placed nine countries — the United Kingdom, South Africa, Brazil and China, as well as Mauritius, New Zealand, Zimbabwe, Botswana and China — on the ‘at-risk’ segment.

If they are not fully vaccinated or have been partially vaccinated, the travellers who arrive in the state from ‘at-risk’ countries will need to submit samples for Covid-19 testing.

Arrivals from ‘at-risk’ countries will need to be kept in quarantine for seven days and then will be required to undergo another test on the eighth.

Even if they do not test positive, self-monitoring will still be required for one week.

Travellers from ‘at-risk’ countries will need to quarantine themselves for 14 days upon arrival.

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