Covid-19: You Are Not Safe Even If It Is Negative!

Recent incidents show confusion in the rapid antigen tests

A few days back, a government employee in Hyderabad has developed the symptoms of Covid-19.He immediately rushed to get the rapid antigen test.

 Covid-19: You Are Not Safe Even If It Is Negative!

The result came negative and he was very happy.But he could not get over the symptoms and got the test again at a nearer diagnostic centre.

Surprisingly the result was positive and he had got into a brawl with the diagnostic centre.

 Covid-19: You Are Not Safe Even If It Is Negative-General-English-Telugu Tollywood Photo

This is just an instance to show how rapid tests are confusing the people.

Even ICMR couldn’t able to give 100% assurance on negative cases and stated that the exactness of rapid test in negative cases is below 70%.That means you have 30% chances of getting positive even the result is negative.

At the beginning of the Covid-19 cases, mostly the tests are done through RT-PCR testing.But considering the rapid increase of cases, the government has ordered to bring on rapid antigen testing which does not go well right now.Hence, it is advisable to be in quarantine for at least a week even if the result is negative.

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