Chandrababu Responded To Raghurama’s Arrest!

TDP chief and opposition party leader Chandrababu Naidu reacted to the arrest of YCP MP Raghurama Krishnaraju.Chandrababu questioned Jagan whether arrests are more important than the Corona crisis in the state.

 Chandrababu Responded To Raghurama’s Arrest!

TDP chief Chandrababu criticized that it was once again proved that the Rajareddy constitution was being implemented in the state.He said that the arrest of Raghuram Krishnaraju is proof of this.

He said that if anyone questions the government during the rule of Jagan Reddy, the answer will be an arrest.

 Chandrababu Responded To Raghurama’s Arrest-Latest News English-Telugu Tollywood Photo

Chandrababu outraged that Jagan Reddy was a CM who arrests people if they question public issues.

He said that the arrest of Raghuram Krishnamaraju is a testament to the mania of Jagan Reddy.He was incensed that a member of the Lok Sabha was arrested on a treason case as he questioned the government.

He said that dictatorships like Hitler were seen in the AP.

Chandrababu said that it was wrong for leaders to use the power given by people for personal revenge.Chandrababu said that people’s lives will be saved if Jagan focuses on Corona rather than on revenge.He alleged that the government is focusing on revenge, retaliation, and partisanship while the people of AP are facing a shortage of oxygen, medicines, and vaccines in the state.

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