Canada’s Quebec Province Reports 1,171 Covid-19 Cases

Ottawa, Nov 28, : Canada’s Quebec Province reported 1,171 Covid-19 cases.This is more than 1,000 new cases in the second consecutive day, according to the provincial government.
This is the highest daily increase of cases since April 30, this year.Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic in April 2005, there have been 445 756 confirmed cases and 11 574 deaths in the province.

 Canada’s Quebec Province Reports 1,171 Covid-19

According to Xinhua news agency, 714 people were not vaccinated.12 had received one dose of vaccine within 14 days.445 were double vaccinated for more than seven days before testing positive.

Quebec’s vaccination rate is still at 84% for those who have had their first dose and 81% for those who have had both doses.

Ontario, Canada’s most populous Province, reported 854 new Covid-19 patients on Saturday.Two additional deaths were also linked to the disease.

The seven-day average number of cases in Ontario was 729 more than the previous week.This number was 635 a week ago and 563 two weeks ago.

Friday’s 927 new cases in Ontario were the most since September 4, when 944 cases were reported.

Saturday’s report comes just days after Canada announced it would ban foreign nationals from entering southern Africa.

The announcement was made after the World Health Organization had designated B.1.1.529 a new Covid-19 variant concern called Omicron.This was a newly discovered Omicron in South Africa and other southern African countries.

Omicron was first reported in South Africa on November 24th.It contains a “large variety of mutations,” some of which are “concerning.”

Theresa Tam, Canada’s Chief Public Hyg Officer, stated that there have been no signs of Omicron presence in Canada to date.Tam stated that it is “very difficult to keep the mutation out” of Canada.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, Ontario has seen 616,051 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in lab tests.This includes 599,979 recoveries, and 9,993 deaths.Two of these were reported within the last 24 hours.

Canada reported 2,183 new Covid-19 case(s) as of Saturday.This brings the total to 1,784,354 cases and 29,628 deaths.

Canadian surveillance data continues to show that daily cases are steadily increasing with high infection rates in many parts of the country.

Canada had an average of 2,608 cases in the seven-day period from November 19-25.

This is a 9 percent increase compared to the week before, according to the Public Health Agency of Canada.


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