Cambodian Police Arrest 3, Seize Over 25 Kg Drugs

Phnom Penh : , Three men were arrested by the Cambodian anti-drug team for allegedly trafficking and storing more than 25 kilograms of illegal drugs.
The suspects were a 68-year old Singaporean, a 27 year-old Vietnamese, and a 60 year-old Cambodian.

 Cambodian Police Arrest 3, Seize Over 25 Kg

They were captured during a raid in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia.

The report stated that 24 kg of ecstasy, 170 grams of cathinone and 118 grams of Ketamine were confiscated from the trio.

It also said that five scales and a number of drug manufacturing equipment were also taken.

Drug traffickers are not subject to death sentences in the Southeast Asian country.

According to the law, anyone found guilty of trafficking more Drugs than 80 grams could be sentenced to life imprisonment, according to Xinhua news agency.

According to the anti-drug division, in the January-October period 2021, authorities detained 10,896 suspects in drug cases in 4,969 cases all over the country and confiscated almost 1.33 tonnes illicit drugs.

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