Britain Facing Public Health Emergency: Health Officials

Britain is facing a the public health emergency. Health professionals

London 19 August : The top officials in the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) on Friday issued an “unprecedented” appeal to the government to address rising energy costs in the face of the threat of a “public health emergency”.
The NHS Confederation sent a letter to the ministers, warning them that the rising costs mean that people must choose between eating less food in order to heat their homes, or living in the cold and damp weather this winter, as reported by the news agency dpa.

 Britain Facing Public Health Emergency: Health

Health officials have expressed concern that widespread fuel shortages will increase the number of deaths annually related with cold and cold-climate homes.which is estimated to be 10,000.

It will also will add pressure on an already overburdened health service.

NHS Confederation chief executive Matthew Taylor said: “The country is facing an urgent humanitarian crisis.Many people will have to make the terrible decision of not eating meals for heating their homes, or being forced to endure in in cold damp and uncomfortable conditions.

“This in turn could lead to outbreaks of sickness and illness across the country, and increase health inequalities, increase children’s chances of living a full life and leave an indelible mark on communities.”

Taylors predicted that these outbreaks of illness could come “just when the NHS is expected to go through the toughest winter in history”.

“NHS officials have taken this unprecedented move as they are aware that fuel poverty will eventually lead to an increase in demand for services that are already in a state of” he added.

“Health officials are completely clear in the absence of urgent action by the federal government, this could result in an epidemic of health crisis.”

It comes as the energy regulator Ofgem is expected to raise the price of energy starting in October, which will cause household bills to increase.

The government has been criticized for refusing to stop paying bills or offer more aid to families, however the ministers have stated that they will not take any action until a new Prime Minister has been put in place by September 5.