Bride’s Cousin Is Beaten To Death Because He Stopped DJ

Gorakhpur (Uttar Pradesh), Nov 30, : A Cousin of a bride was Beaten to death by the DJ after he Stopped playing music to allow the marriage rituals to continue.
The incident occurred in the Gorakhnath region of Gorakhpur in the early morning hours of Monday.

 Bride’s Cousin Is Beaten To Death Because He Stopped

The scene was captured by a CCTV camera.

Police have launched an investigation to find the criminals after receiving footage from the scene.

Balapar villager protested against the Tikaria road, demanding the immediate arrest of the accused.

After assurances by police, the blockade was lifted.

Harishchandra Singh, the father of the deceased, stated to police that he was his only child and that he was studying in an ITI.

Reporters claim that during the Sheshnath’s daughter’s marriage ceremony, when Rohit Singh, the Cousin of the bride, Stopped the DJ at midnight, some people from the ‘baraat started a commotion.

Rohit called the police who calmed them down.

Rohit, however, was accosted by some miscreants as he tried to ride his motorcycle home.

They beat him with rods, hockey sticks, and other sharp-edged weapons.

His family members rushed him into a hospital, where doctors declared him dead.

Rohit’s family claimed the assailants were the ones who caused ruckus after DJ was stopped.

“In the CCTV footage, it was possible to see four people beating the deceased.

We are working with the groom’s family members and locals to identify the suspects and they will soon be arrested,” said Superintendent for Police (SP) city Sonam.

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