Kabul Is Hit By A Bomb, Causing Panic Among War Weary Afghans

Kabul, December 1, 2008 : The Afghan capital, Kabul, was again rocked by a blast, despite no reported loss of life or property.This caused Panic among war-Weary Afghans.
According to the Interior Ministry, the blast occurred at 09:40 local time on Tuesday.An improvised explosive device was placed in a vase and attached to Darul Aman Road.It did not cause any casualties.

 Kabul Is Hit By A Bomb, Causing Panic Among War Weary Afghans-TeluguStop.com

Qari Sayed Khosti, spokesperson for the Interior Ministry, stated that there was a blast Tuesday morning but no casualties.

Xinhua reported that five people, including security personnel, were injured by eyewitnesses and Ariana News, a local media outlet.

Rahimullah, a truck driver, said to Xinhua, “I was crossing the street on Tuesday morning, but suddenly a blast shocked and damaged me and also injured three labourers.Two seriously.”

He stated, “It is a matter to concern that continued terror attacks & bomb blasts terrify Our people, even though the war is over.”

The blast has not been claimed by any group.Islamic State-affiliated militants, who were involved in several terror acts in November, including the attack on Kabul’s military hospital, leaving 35 people dead and 34 others wounded, have yet to comment.

Tuesday’s explosion was just one of many reported blasts in Afghanistan in recent weeks.A bomb exploded in Kabul’s busy traffic last Thursday, killing one civilian.Four children were also killed when the explosive remnants accidentally exploded near Taluqan, capital city of the northern Takhar Province.

Kabul’s western region was the site of the twin explosions of November 17 that left at least one person dead and six more injured.On November 13, a bus on a busy street was struck by an explosion, which resulted in the deaths of at least one civilian as well as four other injuries.

In Afghanistan, kidnappings and explosions have been reported repeatedly in the last few months.

“We Afghans are fed-up with war, our faith in the peace and security that we enjoy today will collapse if such terror attacks continue,” a witness to Tuesday’s bombing in Kabul told Xinhua reporters.He refused to identify himself and took a photo.

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