BJP Chief Somu Veerraju Arrested In Gudivada Casino Case!

The BJP has now entered the fray between the TDP and the YCP.Tensions were high at the Chalo Gudivada program called by BJP leaders on Tuesday.BJP leaders on their way to Gudivada from Vijayawada were stopped by police at Kalavapamula.Several leaders, including BJP state president Somu Veeraraju, were arrested.

 Bjp Chief Somu Veerraju Arrested In Gudivada Casino Case!

This led to a scuffle between the police and BJP activists.Tensions were high as Somu Veeraraju was deployed on the road to protest the police action.

Somu and other BJP leaders were stopped by police with ropes and forcibly taken away in a van.

Somu Veerraju was angry with the government.Questioned whether Section 144 runs in the state.He said that the government was acting tyrannically.The government was asked whether it wanted gangs or casinos during the Sankranthi festival.He said the YCP had also destroyed flexis set up by the BJP in the name of Sankranthi celebrations.

Somu Veerraju made it clear that creating controversy is not their preference.Their aim is to protect traditions.

Along with Somu Veerraju, BJP leaders CM Ramesh, Vishnuvardhan Reddy, Ramesh Naidu and Sheikh Baji were also barred.However, they tried to leave on foot as if they were not allowed to go.The order was followed by an altercation between BJP leaders and the police.The police said that they were preventing it as a precautionary measure.

BJP leaders questioned how poker, casinos and cheerleaders were allowed in their celebrations.The state government is acting tyrannically.