Vishal Kotian, Who Calls His Eviction Unfair, Wants To Return To ‘Bigg Boss 15’

New Delhi, Nov 27, : Vishal Kotian felt his recent eviction from Bigg Boss 15 was Unfair and he wants to Return as a wildcard contestant.
Vishal says, “I would have loved for you to stay until the end.I gave my best effort and fulfilled my potential.It is disappointing and Unfair to be evicted.

 Vishal Kotian, Who Calls His Eviction Unfair, Wants To Return To ‘bigg Boss 15’

He added: “But still, I am satisfied as i went there to entertain you and you liked me and you could never ignore me in this game and that’s the best part.”

Vishal claims that the show is moving forward in a new way this time and is not what it was before.

“I have been following Bigg Boss for quite some time, but it isn’t the same.Although the show is simple, they have made it more complicated.

Inmates now do the eviction, whereas in the past, the audience did it.I can list the names of Donal Bisht and Vidhi Pandya, but Simba Nagpal was evicted by the inmates.This is not fair.How can inmates decide who is going out of the house? It should be decided jointly by the audience.

He also shared that despite all the contestants accusing him of being double-faced and never revealing his true self, he was still everyone’s favourite.Shamita chose me to enter the house from the jungle first, and Umar Riaz chose me to enter VIP zone.

They knew I was a strong player, so they tried to pull me down.But ultimately, I was their first choice in the game.

Vishal talks more about the contestants, and their games.”Tejasswi Prakash and Umar Riaz both are strong players.Umar is trying to win the game as I am.Shamita Shetty is weak because she is dependent upon others.They brought their entire family to the show, which was biased towards her.Karan is unable to express himself, even though he wants many things.Nishant’s game, however, is not very interesting.Rajiv Adatia’s game is a passing time.”

He continued to talk about wild card contestants, saying that he is a big fan Rakhi Sawant and that she is a great entertainer.Rashami is sweet, and Devoleena who was always targeting me before entering the house, has no other options than to go outside.

He also said that if he is a wild card contestant, it will be a greater challenge for contestants.”It will be a challenge if I Return to the house as a wild card contestant.I didn’t know many things and I was unaware of the contestants at first, but now I do.”

When asked who he would like to see as the winner, the answer was: “I want Umar Riaz to be the winner.If I get back in the house, I will play my game alongside him.”

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