Biden Discusses Supply Chain Issues With CEOs Of Samsung, Other Firms

Seoul, November 30, : , The White House announced that Joe Biden, the US President, met with the chief executives of several major retailers and companies, including Samsung Electronics of South Korea to discuss ways to address global Supply Chain bottlenecks in time for the holiday shopping season.
Biden hosted the roundtable with CEOs of companies that sell electronics, toys and clothing, after the Black Friday holiday shopping season began in the shadows of Covid-19.

 Biden Discusses Supply Chain Issues With Ceos Of Samsung, Other

Choi Kyungsik, the CEO of Samsung Electronics North America was present at the White House meeting along with executives from Best Buy and Food Lion, Qurate Retail Groups, Todos Supermarkets, Etsy, Mattel, Kroger, and Mattel.The White House stated that leaders from CVS and Walmart made virtual appearances.

Biden stated that the “business leaders gathered today represent a broad spectrum of American shopping,” in his opening remarks.I want to hear from you all about your holiday season, what you see, how prepared you are to have the products you need, and how you have innovated or hired to overcome these Supply Chain challenges.

According to Yonhap news agency, the Biden administration has taken steps to fix Supply Chain problems amid rising US inflation.

“The event follows early estimates Black Friday sales were up nearly three times since last year,” White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki stated in a press conference.”In-store sales increased even more.”

After the meeting with business leaders Psaki stated that Biden will directly convey to American consumers the message of a strong holiday shopping season.

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