Bharat Biotech Starts Exporting Covaxin

Hyderabad, Nov 29, : Bharat Biotech announced Monday that it had begun exporting Covid-19 vaccine Covaxin.
The company from Hyderabad stated that Long Pending Export Orders were executed in November and will be expanded during the next months.

 Bharat Biotech Starts Exporting

It stated that exports to additional countries, as well as countries that have granted Covaxin emergency use approvals, will begin in December.

The vaccine manufacturer thanked India’s Government for approving exports.

It added that Covaxin will now be an integral part in the global fight against this pandemic.

The company stated that it was on track to reach its goal of producing approximately one billion doses annually of Covaxin each year by 2021.

#Bharat #Biotech #Covaxin #Hyderabad


#Bharat #Biotech #Covaxin #Hyderabad