Army Chief Visits Jaisalmer, Reviews Dakshin Shakti Exercise

Jaipur : , Nov 26 : , The Chief of Army Staff, General Manoj Mukund Naravane concluded Friday’s two-day visit at Jaisalmer to an Exercise site.
The Army chief reviewed Exercise Dakshin Shakti during his visit.

 Army Chief Visits Jaisalmer, Reviews Dakshin Shakti

It was conducted by the Southern Command of Indian Army.Its purpose was to ensure integrated application of forces across multiple domain operations and uphold the nation’s military aims throughout conflict.

The Indian Army’s units and formations practiced operational and tactical maneuvers over the past week.They used its infantry, mechanised forces and airborne troops to operate future technologies in a fluid battlefield environment.

 Army Chief Visits Jaisalmer, Reviews Dakshin Shakti Exercise-Latest News English-Telugu Tollywood Photo

This was achieved by utilizing versatile and native airborne platforms such Advanced Light Helicopter (Weapon System Integrated), Swarm Drones and enmeshing Artificial Intelligence in order to create a cohesive operational and Intelligence picture amalgamated within Intelligence, Surveillance and Rece (ISR).

The display included Special Heliborne Operations and Swarm Drones, as well as ALH Manoeuvres, Swarm Drones, and ALH Manoeuvres.

Coordinated action by ground troops was also demonstrated.

The Army chief praised the Southern Command for deploying and exploiting the capabilities of the indigenous equipment that was inducted as part the ‘Aatmanirbhar Bharata’ initiative.

He also stressed the need to continuously improve tactics, techniques, and procedures in order to fight ‘future Wars’ as well as capability enhancements in manned and non-manned systems.

The COAS commended all participants for their high readiness and operational readiness and encouraged them to keep up their fight for security for the nation.

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