Apple Is The Largest Smartphone Brand In China, Oct 2021

Beijing, Nov 27, : , Apple has overtaken Vivo Smartphone brand to become the largest Smartphone seller in China in October 2021, according to a report.
According to Counterpoint, Apple’s sales increased by 46 percent MoM due to the iPhone 13 series.

 Apple Is The Largest Smartphone Brand In China, Oct

This is the highest growth among all major OEMs.

“The top spot in China has changed hands since the fall of Huawei.

Tarun Pathak (Research Director, Counterpoint), stated in a statement that OPPO was ranked number one in January 2021, while Vivo was ranked number one in March 2021.

Pathak said that “the market dynamics changed again with Apple becoming the new OEM for the first time since December 2015,” Pathak further added.

“Huawei has always been resilient in China’s premium segment, but this is changing now.Pathak stated that Apple, thanks to its strong brand equity is gaining the most from the Huawei gap in the premium segment.

Apple could have made more profit if it weren’t for the shortages, particularly for the Pro versions.He said that Apple manages its supply chain more efficiently than other OEMs.

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