AP CID Officials Arrested YCP Rebel MP Raghurama Krishnaraju

Narsapuram YSR Congress Party Rebel MP Raghurama Krishnaraju has been arrested by the AP Crime Investigation Department (CID) police.A while ago, CID police raided the residence of MP Raghuram in Hyderabad.

 Ap Cid Officials Arrested Ycp Rebel Mp Raghurama Krishnaraju-TeluguStop.com

On this occasion, MP Raghuram got into an argument with the CID police.Raghurama asked the police under what charges they have come to arrest him.Police said they would reveal full details if he comes to the CID office with them.However, today is MP Raghuram’s birthday.

A non-bailable case has been registered against Raghuram Raju under section 124A of the IPC.He was arrested on charges of making remarks that could tarnish the image of the government.However, MP Raghuram’s son Bharat said that his father was forcibly arrested by the police.He said that at least 35 people came in mufti and arrested him without even issuing a warrant.

 AP CID Officials Arrested YCP Rebel MP Raghurama Krishnaraju-Latest News English-Telugu Tollywood Photo Image-TeluguStop.com

He said his father Raghurama was suffering from a heart problem and was arrested on his birthday.

It is known that Raghuram has been criticizing the Jagan government for some time now.He is making large-scale allegations against CM Jagan, Sajjala Ramakrishnareddy, YV Subbareddy, and others.It is being speculated that against this background, AP CID officials arrested him.

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