‘Andhadhun’ Remake: Tamannaah Gets Hefty Pay  

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Tamannaah steps into the shoes of Tabu.

TeluguStop.com - ‘andhadhun’ Remake: Tamannaah Gets Hefty Pay

‘Andhadhun’ Telugu remake has become the talk of the town ever since Nithin grabbed the rights on his banner.Recently, Tamannaah and Nabha Natesh have roped in for Tabu and Radhika Apte roles in the Telugu remake.Although the inclusion of Nabha is not so surprising, it is Tamannaah who surprised everyone by accepting the role, which Tabu has played.

The 30-year-old Tamannaah will step into the shoes of 48-year-old Tabu’s character, which is very key to the film’s success.In other words, she will be an antagonist in the film.

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She has to portray a few grey shades and act like a psychopath in a few moments which are hard to accept from Tammu’s fans perspective.However, film sources reveal that the story may not be as-it-is from the Bollywood screen.

According to inner sources, the story was modified according to audience taste and Nithin’s image.Also, Tamannaah has okayed the film because the producer has given her a hefty paycheck which is nearly two crores.

In the next film, Tamannaah will be seen next to Gopi Chand in Sampath Nandi directorial ‘Seetimaarr’.

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