Baghpat, UP: Ancient Coins

Meerut (Uttar Pradesh), Nov 30, : Amit Rai Jain, a Baghpat-based entrepreneur, discovered 16 Coins made from silver and copper with an engraving of a bull and a horseman.
The Coins were found in a mound known locally as the “Katha mound” in Khekhra.

 Baghpat, Up: Ancient

It is located close to the Delhi–Saharanpur highway on Sunday.

Jain informed reporters that some Coins were from the late 12th Century AD, which is the era Rajput king Prithviraj Chanhan.

“I keep returning to the area, which is rich with archaeological finds.It revealed something that was quite fascinating in Indian numismatics.He said that the Coins he found belonged to Rajput rulers who were dominant in the region of Rajasthan, Haryana and the western Gangetic plains between the eighth century and the 12th century AD.”

Jain is a member the Culture and History Association, which includes historians from western Uttar Pradesh.

K.K.K.K.Sharma, head, department of history, Multanimal Modi College Modinagar, confirmed that the Coins are ancient.

“This is an interesting find, as the area remained with Rajput kings over a few centuries.

Coins with bull and horse inscriptions were very common back then.It is not surprising that horses were once the primary vehicle for soldiers in battle.Coins depicting them are not surprising.He said that between the seventh century and the 17th century, nearly two dozen rulers used horses in one form or another on their coins.

Baghpat is well-known as a place where interesting historical artifacts are discovered.The most notable being three chariots found during the Archaeological Survey of India excavation in Sinauli, June 2018, which was the ‘first-ever physical evidence’ of Bronze Age chariots.

Sinauli revealed Harappan-era burial ground in 2006, where many discoveries were made, including painted grey ware pottery and skeletons.

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