‘Akhanda’ Movie Successfully Completes 50 Days In 103 Centres!

Once upon a time movies were played in theatres for 50 days or100 days.But now it is difficult to play any movie for more than two weeks.

 ‘akhanda’ Movie Successfully Completes 50 Days In 103 Centres!-TeluguStop.com

Even though a movie is declared Super hit but it is difficult to run the movie for four weeks.Under such circumstances, it is uncommon for a movie to play in theatres for 50 days.

Many days later Nandamuri Balakrishna achieved that feat.The movie ‘Akhanda’ starring him as the hero has completed 50 days and repeated the history.

The film, which was released on December 2 last year, has received a positive response from day one and has been pouring in at the box office.So far worldwide Rs.152 crore gross and Rs.93 crore per share, surprising the trade community.

The film, along with non-theatrical ones, that grossed Rs.200 cr.‘Akhanda’ also entered the 200 cr club as they entered the club a poster featuring Rs 200cr clubs has been released by the film makers.Pragya Jaiswal played the heroine in the film, which was produced by Miryala Ravinder Reddy on Dwarka Creations.

‘Akhanda’ was made with the highest budget in Balakrishna’s career and it also turned out to be the highest grosser in his career.The film has also crossed the 1-million-dollar mark in the USA.