A Son Mercilessly Killed His Mother

A college student angrily killed his mother when she asked him to come home early

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We are living in a world where unkindness is ruling every nook and corner.Most young people in the present generation has become impatient even for small things and committing either suicides or murders.

One such incident happened in Karnataka where a college student brutally stabbed his mother.The only mistake she did was to ask him to come home early.

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The student belonging to Maandya habituated to roam around with his friends.Many times, his mother requested him to come early but he did not listen.

A couple of days ago she tried to put him on the right path with an argument, but that did not result positively.Her son lost his cool and stabbed her mercilessly.

From the neighbour’s information, the local police have arrested the student and filed a case.The local people are said to be depressed with this incident.

And Psychologists say these are the instances that today’s generation needs regular counselling.

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