A Corona Recovered Patient Died Of Black Fungus In Hyderabad

The black fungus (mucormycosis) is booming along with corona in the state of Hyderabad.Recently, three cases were reported in Hyderabad Gandhi Hospital.

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The mucormycosis is observed in people who recently recovered from the corona.Shortly after recovering from corona, Linguram, a gardener from Ganeshnagar in the Nirmal district, died of black fungus.

However, he died at a hospital in Hyderabad shortly after the infection spread from the nose and eyes to the brain.

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There are three more such cases in Hyderabad Gandhi Hospital.

While the condition of the two of them was stable, the condition of the other patient is worrying doctors.Some of the corona recovered patients are consulting private hospitals for treatment for Balck fungus.

It is reported that five more patients are said to be suffering from black fungus.Already, Maharashtra has a large scale of black fungus cases.

More than 2,000 people have been infected with the black fungus.

At present, there are three black fungus cases in Gandhi Hospital, said Telangana DME Ramesh Reddy.

He said that the cases were also reported in private hospitals.He said that the state government is asking the private hospitals to send black fungus cases to Gandhi Hospital.

However, he explained that not everyone infected with the corona gets black fungus.Some people who use hydros steroids are more likely to develop the black fungus.

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