91K Women Benefitted From ‘Mission Shakti’ Help Centres

Lucknow, Sep 14 : The Uttar Pradesh government has provided free legal advice, counselling and information about their rights to 91,691 women through its 75 One Stop Centres (OSC) across the state under its ‘Mission Shakti’ programme.

 91k Women Benefitted From ‘mission Shakti’ Help Centres-TeluguStop.com

According to a government spokesperson these centres provide support to women affected by violence or those who face physical, sexual, emotional, psychological, and economic abuse, irrespective of age, class, caste, education status, marital status, race and culture.

“Women who face any kind of violence due to sexual harassment, assault, domestic violence, trafficking, honour-related crimes, acid attacks, or witch-hunting are provided specialised services,” said Manoj Kumar Rai, Director of the Women Welfare Department.

He said that the centres functioned even during the pandemic.

“When an aggrieved woman approaches the Centre for help, either in person or if anybody approaches on her behalf, the case details are fed into a system as per the prescribed format and a Unique ID Number is generated,” said Rai.

The OSCs have been installed to provide solutions and help in one place.At these centres, women will be counselled and given medical attention.

Victims can access One Stop Centres by herself, NGO, friend, volunteer or through Women Helpline integrated with police, ambulance and other emergency response helplines.

The ‘Mission Shakti’ programme was launched last year to ensure women’s safety, dignity and security.

The third phase of the programme was launched last month