8 Drinks That Reduce Stomach Burning  

8 Drinks That Reduce Stomach Burning -

We all suffer with stomach burning at some random time.It could be because gas, improper bowel movements, imbalances in acidic conditions in stomach, stomach juices, spicy foods and so on.Here are 8 drinks that help you in such conditions.

* You urgently need a drink loaded with antiinflammatory elements.

8 Drinks That Reduce Stomach Burning-Telugu Health Tips-Telugu Tollywood Photo Image

A green tea o peppermint tea or any other herbal tea would serve your need.If the problem is regular, better have a drink of green twice a day.

* Apple cider vinegar is another great medicine for burning sensation in stomach.It is full of antioxidants and has alkalising effect that balances the acids levels in your stomach.You can drink it twice a day.

* Chamomile tea also works on stomach burning sensation.For better results, add some honey in the warm chamomile tea.Drink it in the morning and the evening.

* Add some basil leaves in warm water and strain the liquid.Add some honey and drink the mixture twice a day.Basil leaves will sooth your stomach.

* Eating almonds regular will prevent stomach burning sensations.

They have nuetraizing effect which nuetraize the juices produced in stomach.

* Aloe Vera drink is another relief drink for stomach burning.

Add some honey to aloe Vera and drink the juice right before your take a meal.This will work.

* Cold milk will also provide sort of relief from stomach burning.But add honey instead of sugar to it.Drink a glass of cold milk after dinner.

* Yogurt have probiotics which help your stomach with cooling effect and balance acidic conditions.Have some yogurt in the evening everyday.

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