The Covid Test Was Positive For 61 Passengers Who Arrived In Holland From S.Africa.

New Delhi, Nov 27, : , As fears mount about the spread of Omicron super mutant variant Omicron, at least 61 cases of Covid from South Africa have been reported by the Dutch health ministry.
Two planes carrying 600 Passengers Arrived at Schipol Airport near Amsterdam from Johannesburg, the epicenter of the new strain.

 The Covid Test Was Positive For 61 Passengers Who Arrived In Holland From

They Arrived hours after bans on travel were lifted.

The report stated that the first European case of the variant was found in Belgium on Friday.

However, the woman who caught it had not been vaccinated and had traveled to Turkey and Egypt.It is not from southern Africa where the strain originated.

On Saturday, both Germany and the Czech Republic confirmed that they had confirmed cases.Initial sequencing in Germany suggests that a traveller from South Africa had the virus.It also shares several mutations with Omicron.The report said that officials are still waiting for full sequencing to be completed on Saturday.

South Africa reported 2,828 new Covid cases Friday, more than twice the 1,374 reported last Thursday.However, infection levels in the country have not risen dramatically and no hospitalisations have been made with the new variant.

The report also stated that Professor Sir Andrew Pollard, one the Oxford scientists behind AstraZeneca, expressed cautious optimism on Saturday that existing vaccines could prevent serious diseases from the variant.

The US joined the growing list countries that have closed their borders.

President Joe Biden stated that the pandemic would not end unless global vaccinations were in place.The report also stated that Australian authorities, who have banned travel to nine other countries in the region, fear that the variant may have entered the country.

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