37 Polling Stations Were Used For The Telangana Legislative Council Elections

Hyderabad, Dec 8, 2008 : Authorities set up 37 polling stations to conduct elections for six seats in the Telangana Legislative Council.The elections are scheduled to take place on Friday.
An estimated 5,326 voters can vote in the elections for six seats in five districts, Adilabad Karimnagar Khammam, Medak and Nalgonda.

 37 Polling Stations Were Used For The Telangana Legislative Council Elections-TeluguStop.com

On Wednesday, Chief Electoral Officer ShashankGoel held a video conference call with District Collectors and Police Commissioners to Review the arrangements for polling.

He instructed them to make all security arrangements necessary for free and fair voting.

The CEO asked the officials to ensure that there is no untoward incident during the polling process.

The CEO asked the officials to adhere to Covid-19 protocol throughout the polling.

Goel stated that cameras and mobile phones will not be allowed in the polling stations.

The poll officials will monitor the polling via webcasting.

These constituencies allow local representatives to vote.

The December 14th election will see the counting of votes.

Dande Vittal, the TRS’ ruling candidate in Adilabad is up against an independent candidate.

Ten candidates are running for two MLC seats in Karimnagar District, including L.Ramana and Bhanuprasad Rao, the ruling party’s L.Ramana and Bhanuprasad Ro.

Madhava Reddy, TRS candidate in Medak district is locked in a battle with Nirmala Reddy, the Congress nominee, and Malla Reddy, an independent candidate.In Khammam, Tata madhu of the ruling party, Congress candidate R.Nageshwar Rao, and two independents are involved.Four independent candidates are challenging Koti Reddy, TRS candidate in Nalgonda.

Last month, the Election Commission had issued notification for election to six Council seats from local authorities’ constituencies.

K.Chandrasekhar Rao, Chief Minister, was elected with five other candidates from the ruling Telangana Rashtra Samithi(TRS).

Kavitha was elected to the Nizamabad constituency.Other members of the state legislature who were elected to the upper house include Shambipur Raju and Patnam Mahender Reddy (both hailing from Rangareddy), Pochampally Shrinivas Reddy(Warangal), Kasireddy Nayana Reddy and Kuchumalla Damodar Reddy, both hailing from Mahabubnagar.

On Tuesday, the Election Commission cautioned Chief Secretary Somesh to exercise the due care expected of an officer of his stature in conducting the election.

It also directed Chief Secretary to issue a formal and recorded warning.The Commission’s displeasure at C.Sudarshan Reddy, Municipal Administration and Urban Development Secretary, and Special Chief Secretary Arvind Kul for clear violations of the model code of conduct (MCC).

The ECI noted that two officers had issued an Order on November 18 for Enhancement of Honorarium.This included conveyance allowance to mayors and chairpersons, vice-chairpersons and vice-chairpersons.

However, the state government withdrew the order on Nov.19, but many people had filed complaints with the EC.

The Forum for Good Governance (FGG), however, claimed that contestants are organizing camps for the election to MLC local authority constituencies.

M PadmaNabha Reddy, FGG secretary, stated that the corporators, councilors and MPTCs were moved in buses to Goa or Bengaluru by ZPTCs and ZPTCs.

He said that they are given food, liquor, 5 star hotel facilities, and other entertainment.

He demanded that the CEO take action against candidates who organize camps and commit offences.


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