A Train Made To Run 260 Km Non-stop To Save A Girl From Kidnapper .  

At first, a train was made to run non-stop from Lalitpur to Bhopal to rescue a 3-year-old girl who had allegedly been abducted.The accused kidnapper was allegedly fleeing in the train but the police department of the railways worked together to nab them in the nick of time.

TeluguStop.com - A Train Made To Run 260 Km Non-stop To Save A Girl From Kidnapper .

The train that departed from Lalitpur stopped at Bhopal, where the accused was arrested.The child had been abducted from the Lalitpur railway station.

The accused allegedly abducted the child and stepped onto the Raptisagar Express which was on its way to Bhopal.The incident came to light when the family of the girl reached the railway station.

After learning about the case, Railway Police Force (RPF) personnel started scanning the CCTV footage of the station.The RPF personnel noticed that the accused had boarded a train that had left the station.

Soon after, the information was provided to the RPF inspector who alerted the operating control of Bhopal.The RPF inspector requested authorities to not stop the train at any station from Lalitpur to Bhopal, Amar Ujala reported.

The operating control obliged the inspector’s request, foiling the kidnapper’s plans of escape.Meanwhile, officials at Bhopal station waited for the arrival of the train to nab the suspect.

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