How Many Times Girls Want $ex In A Day ?  

How Many Times Girls Want $ex In A Day ? -

How many times you need to sweat hard with your partner in a bed ? Is there any specific number for this ? How much $ex in a week is good ? How much $ex in a day is feasible ? Too much $ex makes people get bored of it ? How many times in a day girls do want to participate in the act ? All these questions has been answered by a survey conducted in Miami.

Going by the the story published by a leading lifestyle magazine of USA, 1300 woman have participated in a survey to answer how much $ex is good in a single day.While 563 participants have admitted that they participate in $ex only twice a week, 230 women have surprised everyone by stating that they barely participate in $ex couple of times in a month.These results shouldn’t mislead you.Women do want regular $ex.Although the participants were largely interested in regular $ex, working hours aren’t allowing them to do so.

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Based on all the opinions from 1300 women, the researcher Freebo stated in this way .“Working hours and busy schedules don’t allow us to be highly active in $ex.Irrespective of gender, everyone wants regular $ex.It’s our physical and mental requirement.The same thing reflected in the survey.On an average, women are ready for $ex twice in a single day, if their partners are successful in providing them orgasm.

Since you know that women can have multiple orgasms and they want multiple orgasms, thier want doesn’t get satisfied with one.As long as the men are successful in making her reach orgasm, women clearly have no problem for $ex twice in a day”.

So, dear men, do understand how important an orgasm is for women.As long as your are successful, she can’t feel boredom.

She is willing to have a go at bed two times in day.

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